July 22, 2004

More Ramblings

i want to go on a road trip. i want to get away from here. but if i don't go on vacation at least i only have like 5 weeks left here anyway. i would still like to have a nice long trip away from here that does not include school. i am a little nervous about school anyway. i found my mom's old art history book and it is huge!!! i am taking art history!!! anyway you guys should sign my guestbook. i signed it.
i can't believe that they have made a pill that only makes you have only 4 periods a year. i don't think that is safe!! i think it would be better for you to have one period a month. i think it is just safer and better and healthier for you. i mean yeah periods are a pain in the butt but it is part of the cycle of womenhood. oh well.  lance is still in first place still. well as of last night anyway. he was ahead by 3 min and 48 sec. so i don't know if anyone will catch him now. i would like to see him win for a 6th time in a row!! that would be cool. i am not sure if he will be able to win again next year but i will be rooting for him again but i am just not sure if he can do it again. i don't know if i am making any sense but oh well.
 i can't believe that july is almost over!! i should be getting my roommate assignment soon. this weekend i am going to be getting some more stuff for my computer! i have to get a printer cable and an ethrenet cable  and windows what-it-called......i am having a brain fart.........oh well i know what i am talking about. i am still reading tons of books. see below to find the whole list. anyway i am doing pretty good on reading them. i finish one everyday or two. on my webpage you can find the list too and i have crossed out the ones i have finished.  go to my web site!!! not all the books i have read this summer are on there.

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