May 28, 2004

tommorrow is graduation!!! i am so excited!! soon i will be a high school graduate! give me a sack of money!! just kiddig but if you really want to you can!! i can always use money!! but i will be getting a whole bunch this weekend but my parents will probably make me put it in the bank but maybe i will be able to keep some to spend this summer!! but of course i said that with my birthday money too...but i spent it already!! i am glad i put part of it in the bank then i would have saved none of it... you know i just remembered that i put money in there!! if i put money somewhere other than my wallet, i forget about it and then i don't spend it! i am a spender... i go shopping the day i get paid or get allowence...which reminds me that my mom owes me for doing the laundry the other all of my high school teachers: thank you for beign my teachers! i hope you will remember me!! to mr jackson: start you triligy class asap!! i want to be in it... it sound like a great idea!! to mr schrader: read war and peace and then we can really have a discussion or you can just read the notes i made on it from last year!! mr rock: go see harry potter and when the 6th book comes out i can loan it to you for a harry potter point! to mr ballew: bouncing up and down and twirling around in your chair is not good for you or for your chair! i will try to visit you guys next year!!

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