May 20, 2004

i went to prom last weekend. it was ok. i think people over rate it a bit. i guess it is fun when you have a date but not having one....sorta stinks. i am not much into i didnt have that much fun...go to prom if you like to isn't worth it if you don't like to dance or like to get dressed up. APE is better because there is more stuff to do. i didn't win anything. they called the number next to mine for the playstation package....that is tipical with my luck!!!i have the worst luck in the world. i am just glad high school is almost over. i haven't had the greatest high school career in the world... people make fun of me all the time... only 3 days left!! i am so excited...and it is almost summer!!! everyone likes summer!!except for harry potter but that is different. i saw shrek 2 yesterday. it is pretty good... pretty funny... i think i like the first one better still... i don't know they are both funny. anyway...i think i am too boring for people to read my blog and it isn't like i don't tell people about it... it is on my profile...and maybe on my website too...i am not sure if i have put it on it will be there eventually. i am totally not working anymore now because all i have left is finals....i am pretty much going to pass no matter what i make on the some classes i will be gettin a d if i get a 0 but that is passing.... but i think i will get better than that because i think i have retain some knowledge this semester...anyway the finals are on scantron....if i don't know i can make a guess!!! it shouldn't be that hard. i failed the word expert test today... i think mrs. dangerfield has been putting too much pressure on us to do this test... i sort of couldn't concentrate on it...we should have taken it before prom that way everyone is still concentrating...because after prom everyone realizes that we only have a week left and they don't want to work... at least that is how i feel....anyway i need to go work on the entries now for this weekend.

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