May 30, 2004

now that i have started thinking about it....i am so going to miss the people...well not the people that were snotty and mean to me and that made fun of me in the past 4 years but the ones that really made it special to me...i am not going to see them as much as i used to....well most likely i will see them only a few more times because i am going to make an effort to go see me favorite teachers at the beginning of the year next year before i go to college...and i am going to really make an effort to see my friends as much as possible before i go to college to! guys EMAIL ME NOW!! my aim is hawkeyepierce04 or can get me on both because i have them linked together which i think is neat because then you don't have to switch between 2 screennames all the time....that is a pain....ohwell..... i got my housing assignment yesterday!! i am going to stay in todd hall-7!!! yeah i got my first choice!! for a while i thought they had forgotten about me because they said they would send it in may and it is like 2 days before the end of the month but they did send it to me!! yeah! yesterday i got a lot of graduation presents...a lot of people just sent me money!! its my sack load of money!! my mom says that sounds awefull...but i think it is funny! my mom kept asking my what i wanted for graduation and i didn't know so i would say a sack full of know with money i could buy what i wanted later or at least put it in the bank and use it later on something else but i think it just sounds funny and i am usually just joking when i say it!!anyway...but one thing my mom gave me that was this pop up cube that can pop up when you need it and collapse down when you don't need it....very good thing for a dorm room where you don't have much space...i hope some people will keep in contact with me... i don't care if it is just an accasional e-mial or conversation on aim or on the phone but it really matters to me if you talk to me! if you keep in contact with me it really shows you really want to be my friend and care that you are my friend...i wonder if anyone is going to read that to know that....i haven't gotten any comments and i don't know if anyone reads this because no one has said that they have read it at least not to my face but of course now they can be talking about what i have written here behind my back and that i don't know it..... it hurts my feeling that people would talk about me behind my back....don't let me find out about it when it is about that time of the month....boy you will be in for it because my moods change so fast!!i am serious!! i can be happy to see you one second and then really mad at you for something really stupid the next second!!

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