April 26, 2004

today was yearbook day! i am so glad to get my yearbook! it shows that the year is coming to an end!!! i am so excited about going off to college!! Anyone going to SFA please comment and we can get together and talk and you never now we could be roomies or have the same classes together or go to the parties together (except i don't drink) YES PEOPLE I DO NOT DRINK!!!!! i find that amazing because it seems that 3/4 of my school drinks!!!!oh well!! i will be the only one that will not get liver cancer when i grow old. i plan to not drink in college or anywhere but of course i might change my mind in the future and decide to try a little bit of beer or something. but i am not that interested in it right now.anyway there is only like 21 days left of school and the next 3 days i get to come in late!!! oh yeah!!!

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