April 26, 2004

i am so mad at my computer right now!! i had just written a huge paragraph about my feelings at the moment and then my computer goes all freaky on me!! errr.. and i have a hard time retyping my feelings. anyway i am mad about yearbook and what some people did without me. and i am also mad about who got into top ten percent and who didn't. like i worked pretty hard and i am in the second quarter!! there are some people in the top ten that i don't think deserve to be in the top ten. some people that i had never thought of as smart to be in top ten. i think they got in because they got straight a's in the easy classes while some of us took advanced classes and got a mix of a's and b's some of them are in my computer class and they never do any work. they sit there on the internet and talk the whole time!! while i do my work!! what is up with that!? someone tell me!! next thing that makes me mad is that annie never writes me back!! i have written her like 20 times and she hasn't written me back yet!! do i have a disease that makes people not want to talk to me or sit next to me?? i also hate it when someone from your table starts sitting with someone else without telling you and they only sit next to you when it is the day before your birthday!!! i feel like screaming now. but i have to say this to this out loud: i love aaron jackson!! i will take the risk that he will see that but what are the chances of someone looking on my blog and knowing that it is my blog and knowing who i am talking about.i think i can live with the risk anyway i sort of want him to know. exspecially since i am legal now!! yeah i am 18 years old!! yeah!! some people don't understand why i don't like him. he's funny and good looking and smart- he went to baylor! yeah!! um......more later.....comment if you have any advice!!! since some of my friends aren't around to give it!!

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