April 29, 2004

it is thursday..almost the weekend!! i love the weekends because i don't have to wake up early. this week has been good because of the taks testing!! i don't have to take it so i can come in at 10:41 am instead of 7:30 am. i am not a morning person really...i would rather sleep in every morning....i still have a crush on aaron jackson....i still can't believe that i said that on the internet where someone might read it and tell him that i like him....but who knows that it is me....i don't know if i put my name in here anywhere but oh well...i will get over it!! only 4 weeks left of my high school career!! i am so excited!!!i can't wait to get away from here!! i have too many bad memories and crushes that hated me!! or said lets just be friends.... i am sortof depressed today... i have watched today that since the teachers didn't have any plans for classes today most people got into groups and played cards or talked and guess what!! i was not included in any of those groups... it isn't totally my fault...people should always ask if you would like to participate in their game or conversation...i was like staring down the group that had aaron jackson in it... they looked like they were having so much fun... i guess i am just a tad bit boring (where do you think i got the title of this page?) but it isn't my fualt...i guess it is because i should speak up more or be more cool or something but part of the problem is all the other gazillion people out there that don't want to talk to me!! i think part of it is that people judge you before they get to know you...they judge you on looks and clothes and what you drive and what kind of house you live in and all that stuff that i think shouldn't matter...yo should get to know the person before you judge them and decide not to be friends with them...i am sorry if i am not as pretty as all the other girls out there or if i don't by name brand clothes form gap or abercrombie and fitch or old navy!! i like the cheap stuff that will probably last longer!! and my car is a ford taurus '95 and i know that it isn't the greatest looking car or the best running one but it is the car i got from my parents and it gets me and my friends from one point to another......at least i won't feel bad if i get in a wreck or something....my first wreck will probably be in the school parking lot because there are other students out there that drive like maniacs!! they get their nice expensive cars right on their 16th birthday and then go zooming off and probably reck it in the first week that they are driving it!! that was a waste of money!!my family has it better than other families because we have been able to buy and insure 4 cars...but all those cars have been used and we were able to buy them all under $10,000....i don't think teenagers need a brand new car right on their 16th birthday!!!so excuse me!!

Which Pirates of the Caribbean character are you?

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