February 04, 2012

so my birthday is coming up soon. i know that as i get older, it shouldn't be that big of a deal but it is. it is my day. are you going to remember it this year? i know everyone is going to forget it this year. please prove to me that you remember. that you care. i guess maybe if you don't maybe that really shows that you don't care. i don't want anything other than you to talk to me. yea i could ask for so much but you know what? i hate money and i hate what it can buy. i don't want "stuff:" i want things that money can't buy. i want your friendship. to spend time with you. to know you care and that i mean something to you. i wish it didn't have to come down to my birthday to show that to me but if you want to know what i want. that is it.

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