February 10, 2010

not much is going on. i have been told i am too boring. i guess i don't care because i am not going to do a whole bunch of stuff that i don't want to do just be not boring. i would do more of some stuff if i was actually good at them but since i have a limited choice of what i am good at, i guess that makes my life boring.
anyway i am  going to get at least one of my wisdom teeth out. tomorrow i am going to i guess a specialist to see if i am going to go ahead and just have them all out or just the one. my dentist said that i might as well have them all out at the same time since i am young and can handle it better than having more problems when i am older. i kinda agree. might as well get the pain over with. don't know when i will actually get them out. probably soon. hopefully by next week.

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