June 06, 2009


so last week i had someone bid on an item that i had on ebay and win it. so i sent several invoices and tried to communicate with the bidder. so after a week, i opened an upaid item case with ebay. the bidder all of a sudden said why am i getting this? i said because you won an item and haven't paid for it yet. they said they didn't want it and didn't think that they had bid on it. well guess what you did and if you didn't want it why did you bid on it in the first place? and i asked why they didn't say anything when they got the first invoice? they gave some lame excuse. thanks for wasting my time. i hate people that waste my time on ebay. i have had a lot of scammers bid on my items and i haven't been selling that long on ebay. oh well. selling on ebay gives me money. not a lot but some so i can bid on stuff too. i still don't know what to do with my old ipod. any ideas?
does anyone actually read this anymore? just wondering.

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