June 04, 2009


i am so surprised at some of the stuff that people will buy on ebay. i listed a whole bunch of magazines that i didn't want anymore on there and about half of them were bid on! i was surprised anyone was interested!
so like 2 weeks ago i got a new 120gb ipod. so i listed my old ipod on ebay. well the bidding got up to $100 and then i go and drop the ipod while i was getting it ready to ship and the stupid screen cracked! out of all the times that i dropped the thing it had to choose that time to actually break! it made me soooooo mad. so then i had to go tell the buyer that it had a cracked screen but it still worked and that he didn't have to pay for it if he didn't want to. now i have no idea what to do with the thing. i guess i can relist it with a cracked screen but i don't know if anyone would want to actually buy it now. i think the world hates me.
i got my own post office box today. i figured that i need to have it so that i won't be giving out my home address to all these people that i sell items too. mostly for a privacy. now i am looking for people to actually write to me there. anyone looking for a penpal? or you can just send me card there or whatever. i would be happy with anything! just comment with your email if you want to know the address.

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