March 24, 2009


so i got an interview yesterday. i thought it went pretty well. the lady that interviewed me actually went to UH and got the same degree as i did so i feel like that it might put me at an advantage. (i hope!) i am suppose to know by the end of the week if i get a 2nd interview or not. i hope so! i know it might not work out especially on the first interview but i need something! i liked the sound of the job and the office looked cool and all. i hate waiting for things to happen.
i am still selling things online. for a week or so i was doing really well and i had sold a lot of stuff. but now things have pretty much stopped and someone even wants to return something because it doesn't "work". my description of the item was accurate and i guess i couldn't verify that it did work before i sent it because i haven't used it in years and i put that on the description. but i sent them a link to a help page for that item. we will see if they actually send it back or not.

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