March 16, 2009

class and online selling

so on thursday and friday i am taking a quickbooks class. at first i didn't really want to take it but mom and dad were really pressuring me to take. so now that i have signed up for it, it doesn't sound too bad. something to add to my resume and it is only a 2 day class. it is all day for 2 days but then i am done. if it goes well, i might take the 2nd quickbook classes. they aren't credit classes but they are continueing education classes. which makes more sense for me to take because i already have a degree and i just really need more skills. they aren't too expensive either. this one was $99. they all are about this much or less. i think it depends on the class and how long it is.
a week or 2 ago i was having a great run of selling things on ebay and amazon. i sold like 5-10 things within a couple of days. i was doing really great. now everything is dead. the only action i have had was someone bidding on my stuff and then asking to cancel. big pain but he did have a good reason to cancel. but the main reason he canceled was that he didn't read the description and then later found out it wasn't compatible with what he had. and then someone wanted to buy something for half the price that i had it listed but since it was a rare item, i was like i might go lower but not that low you know? i haven't heard from them sense. i am slowly going through my room and the stuff that i want to get rid of, i am listing on ebay and amazon to see if i can sell them before just giving them away. why not try to make some money off of them first right?

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