February 10, 2009

road called life

so i have been filling out job applications and my parents are still on my case about not having a job yet. sorry no one is exactly hiring right now...... i can't force myself on someone until they give me a job. i am still going to take the gmat and apply for graduate school. i hope they at least except me.
for the first time i am really scared for my life. i am not sure that my parents want me to talk about this but we sold one of our cars and the guy wants to return it and is really making me scared since he knows where we live. i thought about justing going on vacation to like disney world (the most carefee place in the world!) but then i looked at plane ticket prices and hotel prices and ticket prices to get into disney world and i realized that it is really expensive to do that. i could probably afford it but it is so expensive. the hotel room would be over $1000 for a couple of days! and so would the plane tickets. for tickets to disney world it would be like $250 for a few days! it is $75 a day!
life sucks.

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