February 27, 2009

i am completely hopeless

does anyone know what joined.com is? here i s the e-mail that mentions it:
Hi Allison,
I am following up on earlier correspondence regarding your job search. I wanted to touch base to see if you are still looking for work in the Clerical/Administrative field or any other industry. The latest postings are found here.
Katie Jensen
Dudley Search Group
it is the here part that links me to joined.com. i don't know really why this person sent this e-mail to me because it is kinda pointless. i wish they would just e-mail me if they wanted to offer me a job or interview me. i get excited when i get an e-mail from someone that looks like it might be interested in me and then poof they are just basically sending me an ad for some website. has anyone else gotten any e-mails like this? i don't even know how i got on their list because i haven't even applied to that company.
i hate waiting for any responses from any of the people i have applied with. after a few days i kind of give up hope of hearing from the people i applied with. i would call but half the time there is no number or it is a job that i found on craigslist and they say not to call. sometimes i don't even know where they are located. grrrr. i have even applied to just work at places like krogers and i can't even get a job there! there is something wrong here.
the other day my dad told me that it would probably be pointless to get an mba right now because i should get some experience first and it is so close to my major that i would probably be repeating some classes. which kind of makes sense but i don't know what to do know. i haven't been able to get a job yet and i don't know what else i want to do. it seems like the last 4 years have been pointless because even after getting a degree i still can't get a job.

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