November 20, 2006


so it is the week of thanksgiving! yea!! i love thanksgiving and christmas. so my 8:30 class got canceled this morning! i had gotten up at 6 to drive to school and i was at school and in the class and the teacher walks in and says that class is cancelled. there were only like 10 of us there. so i had to wait until 11 for my next class. also my economics teacher is giving a test tomorrow so i have to go to school tomorrow. if there wasn't a test i wouldn't go to school tomorrow. i also have an accounting project tomorrow but you turn it in to the accounting lab and not to the teacher so you can pretty much turn it in anytime you finish it. but i am recopying my project so it looks nice. i only have 2 classes of each class left! i can't believe it! i am glad this semester is almost over. i have already cancelled my dorm room for next semester. i am taking 2 classes online next semester and i hate living on campus so i am moving back home in about 2 weeks.

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