November 30, 2006

interesting day

so today i was in melcher hall(the business school building) and the fire alarm went off and i was currently in the bathroom so i hurry up and leave the bathroom but guess what? i had set down my cell phone and left it there!! so then like 10 minutes later i notice that i didn't have my cell phone! so i go back to the bathroom and it wasn't there!! i searched around and i went to the advising center thankfully someone had turned it in there! i was so glad! i thought someone stole it but they just turned it in i was so glad to get it back!
it is freezing today! it is like 39 degrees!! and i don't have any heavy jackets with me here at school! just some sweaters and long sleeve shirts so that will just have to do until i go home on sunday or monday! yes i am actually staying here this weekend but that is because i am working a meet that is all tomorrow and saturday and sunday. so it is just convienent.
i checked my gmail address and i had a 103 spam e-mails!! i think that just might be a record!! because i checked it yesterday so in about 24 hours i get 103 e-mails!! anybody else have this problem with their gmail?

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