July 02, 2006

new computer

so i only have 5 days left of summer school. i am looking at getting a new computer. i am looking at a Dell Inspiron E1705 or an HP a1550y series desktop. i am kinda leaning towards the desktop because i can get the best stuff in it and a new printer and it will be cheaper than getting what i want in a laptop. i am planning to keep this laptop that i have but get a new desktop. anyway i never take it anywere. i never take it to class or take it on vacation. the only places i take it are when i take it to my mom's office when i go with her or to the playroom when i want to watch tv and use my computer and that is not too often. and if it is required to take a computer to a future class i will bring this one but this will become my secondary one you know?? i am thinking about taking a whole bunch of stuff off of here anyway as soon as i get a new computer and just sorta redo it. i don't know if that makes any sense but at least i know what i want to do. happy 4th of july if i don't get on here again before then!

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