July 02, 2006


ok so this has been bothering me like all week. i added someone to my friends list on facebook and they sent me a message saying how they don't remember me and how the picture i have on there should be a picture of me and not a picture of finding nemo which i just put to the left. then they were like i doubt you are a fish anyway. ummm....hello?? i might just like the movie and i always thought it would be cool to work at pixar and everything and i don't have any digital pictures of me and i don't exactly like how i look and has anyone everythought that if you have your picture on your profile anyone can see it and stalk you or something like that?? so i thought it was very rude of them so i just sent a message back to them telling them how i knew them and all. it isn't like i just wanted to add a random person. all the people on my friendlist i actually know from having a class with them or swam with them or had some kind of activity with them. and i knew this girl because i had an english class with her and stuff. but i was just like if you don't remember me just don't add me it is not a big deal. i try to include everyone on my list that i like or know but they don't have to add me back. i just don't want to get a message saying why didn't you add me or i hate you because you didn't add me! thing. and i thought that this girl and i were friends or at least not enemies kind of thing. and it is always cool to have lots of people on your list. even if you had just one class with them and maybe barely knew each other. but this person and i had more than one class connection thing. she hasn't added me or anything so she probly isn't going to add me and i am ok with that. but just don't send rude messagest to people when they are trying to be nice to you!

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