May 13, 2006

yesterday i got the rest of my summer school books. willowchase looks nice on the outside but the inside is kinda least that is what i got from it when i went to get my books. their bookstore looks like it used to be a classroom. i guess i am just used to cy-fair's bookstore because it is a lot bigger. so i thought i would try to read the first chapter for my sociology class so when i get there on monday i will be prepared. i am kinda excited and kinda nervous. starting out at a new school even if it is only for the summer. i will probably be feeling the same way in august when i go to u of h.
my speech teacher still hasn't posted the grades. the only real good grade i have gotten is in finite math were i got an A. all the other ones are kinda disappointing. i still have a 3.30 GPA though(i am not trying to brag though)

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