May 05, 2006

the day after the storm...

so i swept up the front yard today. we had tons of leaves and branches in our yard. so i swept up the driveway, the front walkway that leads up to the front door and all the leaves next to the curb. i thought about raking the yard but by then it was hot and i was getting tired and sweaty so i quit. there was still the backyard to finish because we cleaned up the backyard a little bit yesterday. anyway people will see the frontyard and not the backyard unless they actually come in a look out the back windows.
i went to the store today and when i got into my car i noticed that i had a crack in my front window from the hail. it was kind of towards the top and when i was coming home i thought it looked like it had gotten bigger since i went to the store. and i have dents on my hood from the hail. hail hates my car.
it is suppose to rain tonight/tommorrow morning. i love rain but hopefully no more hail! i like regular storms.

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