January 13, 2006

schoo and stuff......

so i got my books today. not as many as last semester!! i am happy about that! and it cost a lot less too! :)
so in the mail today i got my very first jurory summons!! the fun stuff about being a registered voter! but lucky me i am exempt because i am a student!! so i just send in this thing saying i am a student and then i don't have to go! i am glad too because i would be missing 3 classes on the day i was supposed to go! i am sure they will eventually get me but for the next 2 and a 1/2 years i can get out of it. but i think it would be kinda fun to do it someday. and if it would be on like a friday when i didn't have classes i would go. my mom says i should go and see if my government teacher would give me extra credit. but of course the day i miss would not be goverment because i wouldn't have government on that day.
i cant believe that i start school on tuesday. i am kinda dreading it and kinda not. it will be good to go back because it will give me something to do but then again it is school.

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