January 01, 2006

random stuff.....

so i have been watching my gilmore girls dvds and i just finished episode 9 of season 1. i am saving some of my christmas money so when i finish seasons 1 and 2 that i got for christmas i can get season 3 and watch that or wait for my birthday for it. i don't know which. it will depend on how fast i finish it.
well i want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!i can't believe that it is 2006. i stayed up until like 2 am this morning but i could still hear people setting off fireworks at like 3am!!
we are taking down our christmas decorations. i think that it is depressing!! i keep reminding my sister that she starts school on tuesday!! i don't start until January 17!! i think i will go get my books next week.
still haven't heard from him.... it is depressing but maybe he actually has a life like i don't.....

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