October 18, 2005


so i am trying to go through listing in facebook to see who i want to add to my friends list and i will see people that i remember or i had classes with or i swam with or whatever and i will be like should i add them? because i never know if they will remember me. will they be like i was wondering when she would get on this thing and add me or who in the hell is the person i have no idea who you are even though i know we had classes together or whatever you know?? some people i have added to my list no knowing how they would respond and they added me too so i was happy about that too. hopefully some people will put me on their friends list first so it will make me feel good when i get an e-mail saying this person has added you to their friends list do you accept or whatever the e-mail says but it is something like that. anyway it lets you know who your friends are. my first person on my list was my best friend!!! yea!!!

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