July 13, 2005


i started a new class. intro to world religion. i want to learn more about other religion. my teacher seems really cool. but we have this project where we have to go to a church service of another religion that isn't your own. like i am christian so i can't go to like a catholic service or baptise service i have to go to like a muslim or buddhist service. i think i am going to a jewish service because i have been interested in the jewish religion but it isn't christian you know? so i am a little nervous/scared about that but other than that i am excited. my teacher has put all the notes on his webpage and all the studyguides and homework sheets so we can download it and just write on it in class. i like that. so you don't have to be busy writing down the stuff on the slides. you can actually listen to the teacher and understand the stuff.
we got some of our chemistry homework back and i now have an A!!!! after my test i had a high B but with my good lab report and homework i now have exactly a 90. but she drops your lowest test,homework, lab report, and worksheet. so with my lowest grades dropped i have like a 91.
i am taking care of some dogs for 2 and a half weeks. they paid me like $50 for a week so think what i am going to get for almost 3 weeks!! :)

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