July 15, 2005

rain rain go away.......not really

so it has been raining here everyday for the past couple of days. i like rain. but yesterday i had to drive in it and sometimes i could hardly see where i was going! ben is scared.
but i went to north harris yesterday to do this wellness unit that i have to do with my bowling class. so you look at this slide show first to get all the info. it took me like 3 hours to copy all of it down. then you take a test. you can take it twice. so i took it once while i was there and i got an 80%. so i am going to study the info for a little and take the test again in a week or two. i just knew that if i didn't take it then it would be the week it is due and i wouldn't have any time to take it.
so it has really started to rain and thunder and lightning. i was going to go to the gym but it is raining so hard i am not sure if i could see where i am going.
i think i might go to the midnight harry potter party if someone would go with me.

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