July 02, 2010

i feel so stupid. i did terrible on the GRE. i don't think i will get into graduate school. my scores and lack of people i can ask for letters of recommendations are my doom. i can't think of anyone that would be able to give me a good letter of recommendations. yea i don't think any of my teachers would remember me. i wasn't that great in any of my classes and the ones i did do will in were like 5 years ago. who would give a recommendation to a person that they saw more than 5 years ago? yea right. no work recommendations either. i am soooo hopeless. also the fact that i don't even know what i want to do in graduate school. i am only thinking of graduate school because i can't get a job. wow i am like batting a 0 of 1000 or whatever the saying is. i am a terrible student/friend/worker/daughter/sister/human being.

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