March 29, 2010

i got my new drivers license today. the new design looks weird. i like the old design better. for my new picture they had me take off my glasses which i wear all the time. i thought it was kinda weird because i were them all the time and anyone that will need to look at the license probably should see a picture of how i usually look you know? but i think they told me to take it off maybe because of the flash? oh well i can't change it now. i got the next book in the elsie dinsmore a life of faith series. i have been checking them out from the library and there are 8 books. i am on the 7th book and i had to be on a waiting list for it. i like the series though and i don't mind waiting. i applied to work at krogers and i had a drug test done today and they will be doing a background check on me too. it will probably be like my credit report and have nothing on there. anyway i never thought i would end up working at krogers after college. but i think they were going to put me at the deli counter.....oh well i hope to get promoted fast or find another job. my life is sooooo not how i thought it would be.

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