January 13, 2010

i finally got paid for all of my lovely work while i was shortly employed! i got a lot more than i thought i would. either they took pity on me or f*** you atrs you should not have fired me because if i did that great during 2 1/2 weeks maybe you should have kept me around. but it is their lose and my gain and i can find a better job that i actually like.
sorry i just needed to get that out. i thought they would be wimps and not send me anything i earned. but it isn't exactly like winnning the lottery but it will be good for my bank account.
how is everyone's new year so far? i ordered a guitar off ebay and i got it last week. it was very cheap and i got what i paid for. but hopefully i can learn off of it.

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Jon said...

I hope you find the kind of job your looking for. Your blogs fun to read & very interesting! Hope your years going good so far!