December 17, 2009

Mac Pro

so every once in a while i will go on the apple website and build an imac or macbook or something and see how much it would cost and what they have added and stuff. i had never looked at their mac pro which is their big desktop computer. so i decided to look at it and see what it would be like to build a customized one. it has 4 hard drive bays and you can have up to a 2 TB hard drive in each one. that means 8 TB total!! that would last you a long time! i was so amazed. it could also have a 32 GB memory card! to have the best of this computer would make it over $10,000!!!! wow i sound like a geek but wow! i wish i had the money to buy something like that but that is like buying a car! i think i will just get the regular imac. :) now the ipod nanos have cameras in them! i am a little jealous but i just bought a new ipod classic this summer so i am not ready to trade it in right now. but i am ready to trade in my computer. i have had it with the one i have. it does so many weird things and never does exactly what i want it to do. does anyone else go and build their favorite computers? i do the same thing with my favorite cars.

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