October 22, 2009

i know i don't post much here anymore. not much is going on. i have been reading a lot this year. i can tell you what books i have been reading if you want to know. i have been selling a lot (a lot in my opinion. may not actually be a lot in other people's opinion) on ebay and amazon. so i spend lots of time cleaning out my room and i find things that i think might sell well on ebay. it is kinda interesting that the items i think will sell right away don't and the ones that i think won't sell but want to try sell in the first week. kinda weird. like i sold a vest i wore only once and it was gone in a week and i sold a flannel nightgown that i never wore and it was gone in a week too. i never thought they would sell but i didn't want them anymore so i thought i would try and they are gone! i put 2 bath brushes on an ebay listing and they were bid on in the first day! i was soooo surprised. and more people are interested in it so it will be interesting to see what the final sale price will be. so i have yahoo messanger just in case someone might want to IM me and told you guys about getting a po box and trying to get penpals right? anyway i signed up on this penpal website to try to get penpals from all over the world. i got some cool ones like someone from poland and australia. i got a couple of cool ones from here in the usa plus one from here that i think is a little weird but she is ok. but then there are all the prisoners that write to me. from what i have found out i think the penpal website has sold my name and po box address to a agency that sells lists of peoples names and address to prisoners. some of them seem ok and others are weird. i am not sure i should write them......what do you guys think? and then there are the weird people from africa that e-mail me (they put our e-mail addresses on the penpal website too even thought i don't want e-mail penpals) that say they love me and want to marry me! it is soooooooooooooooooooo creepy. no matter what i tell them they keep saying i love you marry me! and some guy from africa says please send me money and of course i tell him no especially since i am as just as poor as he is because i still have no job! and if i don't e-mail them back they IM me and if i don't respond to one they go back to the e-mails. very annoying. and they all want pictures which i don't give out because i know they are all crazy and i think they would all hunt me down and do something horrible to me so i don't give it out. anyway i hate how i look so i don't have any pictures of me anyway so it all works out. and all the people that instant message me also want my phone number so they can call when they get on and i am like heck no! it would make it so that i got people calling me in the middle of the night and crazy stalking calls if i don't respond and all that. so there has been good and bad things from the penpal search.

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