June 14, 2005

long time!!

sorry i haven't updated. nothing has really happened to me lately so i never had anything to write. summer school started last week. i decided to just take chemistry and Bowling. so i only have school 3 days a week and i don't have to get up early or anything!!!
harry potter and the half blood prince comes out in 34 days!!
i blew a tire on sunday when i was going to bowling. so my parents brought me another car so i could go to class while they put the spare on my car. so they take my car and go shopping and when they start going home the spare went flat so they ended up having to have it towed. it is really funny because i got a flat on one side of the highway and they had their flat on the other side of the highway right across from where mine was!! sorta ironic. but now we got a new wheel on my car but we have to have the spare fixed now. so check your spares every once in a while. my mom says she might have all of our spares checked.

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