January 26, 2008


so far i am doing well in my classes. but the second week just ended so nothing big has happened yet.
oh! i ended up get my money back from the person that scammed me on acebucks. i am glad that i got it back but i would have rather had the macbook. i hate all the scammers out there in the world that just want your money!

January 13, 2008

new year new semester

so school starts tomorrow. i loved my vacation. but this semester i am taking totally different classes than i have so hopefully i will be able to enjoy the semester and get a major in the works so that i can graduate by may 2009. i was thinking if i take 4 classes this summer then i would be able to graduate in december. i am not sure which one i want to do. but of course it all depends on what classes are being offered in the summer first.
New Years Resolutions:
-to determine my major....this is something i HAVE to do this year....most likely this semester
-to lose weight.....i really need to get a handle on my weight this year. i don't care if i loose it all but i need to look better. (and NO i am not a steriotypical-sp? right word? anyway i do NOT go to fast food places all the time and eat 5 huge hamburgers....i don't even go to fast food places, i can't remember the last time i went to one. and when i do go, i eat 1)
-get good grades. or at least better grades.