March 23, 2007

looking forward to the weekend!

oh yea i am! this week i had 4 tests and a project due! i wish that i had these test before spring break. but i am almost done with them. i have one more test tomorrow and then i will be done! in 2 of my classes i just have the final (or last test) and that is all. in 2 of my other classes i have 2 more test and then i am done. in my business law and ethics class, i just have to do a group project and a paper that i have already started. in my entrepreneurism class i have to finish a group project. in 3 of my classes i have group projects. i hate group projects. i am ready for this semester to be over!! i am still deciding between working this summer or taking summer school. i will probably take summer school but i am not sure still...depends on the classes being offered and stuff.
so i have lost 7.2 pounds over the past 2 months... kinda slow but i haven't really gained any back you know. like some weeks i will lose like .2 or something but other weeks i would lose 1.2 or something or stay the same. slow but i am doing it.

March 16, 2007

i am the worst proctastinator

so this week i wanted to catch up on my school work...has that happened? no...i have done a couple of things for one of my group project but other than that i really haven't done much....oh and i did an outline the night before it was due! i am the worst procrastinator in the world. i wanted so much this semester to do so well and get all A's and stuff but i have gone back to terrible habits and not study as much as i should. it was one of my new years resolutions to study more and try to get all A's but i would always find some excuse to do something else. i am so terrible.

March 12, 2007

spring break!

seems like things have been so busy!! still trying to get my car fixed....had a problem with the guy trying to lie and get out of having to pay for the damage to my car. it really mad me mad. but hopefully we will be able to take it in this week!
it is suppose to rain a lot this week!! i like rain!!
this week is spring break and i am using it to catch up on the studying that i haven't been doing!! i hate studying!!